About Us

"Investigation activity is a form of private practice in the function of achieving the rights and interests of citizens in accordance with the law."

Private Investigator Agency TOP SECRET is a relatively young agency, which is made up of people with years of experience working in the field of security in different departments and agencies.

We have created, upon experience, the system of work which proved to be very efficient, professional, discreet and above all adjusted and accessible to every citizen.

We guarantee a discreet and professional approach, maximum results with minimum costs, and everything done according to the highest standards and in accordance with the law.

We employ wide range of associates, people with clean past, with great professional experience, former members of the army and police, but also lawyers, economists, doctors. That provides adequate preparation for the implementation and evaluation of all activities, at the request of our clients.

Our team of investigators is led by a former officer with long experience in security services, which provides a professional approach to the case, detailed analysis and the best possible result. Associates and investigators have strictly defined professional code that consists of three words: discretion, legality, truth.

TOP SECRET can offer for all types of investigation, search, information collecting, checking persons and companies, which allows the professional team of investigators and collaborators.

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